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Life after death

Today I heard the news about Louise Hay’s passing into spirit.  I know a lot of us have learned very valuable lessons from her and her publishing company.   To her family and friends I offer my condolences.

As we look at someone who has passed from the physical to the spirit side I often wonder what will it be like when it is my turn to transition, not that I am infatuated  with death but I do like to discuss it.  The reason is because I no longer feel that we are ever gone from this world we are just in a different form.  It took me many years not to fear something that would happen to everyone I know.  I have made peace with it a long time ago as I realize that is the only thing that you can count on in this life after being born.  Life itself is precious.

I look forward to the time I have here on this great planet and the lessons I have yet to learn.  It has taught me so much already.

So, as I look at anyone’s passing I am reminded one day mine will come and I hope to greet it with enthusiasm.

The Essentials of Everyday Living Blog

In March of 2011 I started an internet radio show call “The Essentials of Everyday Living”.  The format was suppose to be one day a psychic friend would be giving messages and the other day I would be giving advice about everything you needed in your daily life.  It did not end up that way, the other person never followed through, so I did a show every Tuesday night myself.  It was a great experience but I ended it to open a physical “metaphysical” center.  I now, feel the need to bring back this program in a different form through this blog.  One day, I am hoping to start the radio show again, but for now this will have to do.

I covered many topics on the show and I also gave readings at the end.  I will be blogging daily about different things you need to know to help you achieve what you want to achieve in your life.  At times I will have contests for free gifts, mention things happening at the center, and of course giving mini readings.  I would like to day one day to do a question and answer format from our email.  You can use the email to send me information.  In the subject line just let me know that you are referring to the blog.