Life after death

Today I heard the news about Louise Hay’s passing into spirit.  I know a lot of us have learned very valuable lessons from her and her publishing company.   To her family and friends I offer my condolences.

As we look at someone who has passed from the physical to the spirit side I often wonder what will it be like when it is my turn to transition, not that I am infatuated  with death but I do like to discuss it.  The reason is because I no longer feel that we are ever gone from this world we are just in a different form.  It took me many years not to fear something that would happen to everyone I know.  I have made peace with it a long time ago as I realize that is the only thing that you can count on in this life after being born.  Life itself is precious.

I look forward to the time I have here on this great planet and the lessons I have yet to learn.  It has taught me so much already.

So, as I look at anyone’s passing I am reminded one day mine will come and I hope to greet it with enthusiasm.

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